Academic Growth

Academic Growth

SEBASE played a critical role in establishing the Search-Based Software Engineering community. The number of annual publications on SBSE, from SBSE Repository, shows that the growth in publication really took off in 2006, the year SEBASE started. SEBASE was also pivotal for the birth of the International Symposium on Search-Based Software Engineering (SSBSE), which hosted its third event in 2011 collocated with ESEC/FSE 2011. The SBSE track at the leading evolutionary computation conference, GECCO, commemorated its 10th year at the main conference and also continues to grow in terms of not only the number of submission but also the number of track attendees. 

The number of SBSE publications in each year between 1977 and 2011. Data for 2011 is not complete at the time of this update.

World-wide Adoption

While UK still maintains a strong presence in its domain, SBSE is now undeniably a global field with academic publications from over 41 countries across all continents except Antarctica. Below is an interactive map that shows the expansion of SBSE activities between 2001 and 2011.

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