Search-Based Software Engineering Repository

SBSE Repository aims to contain all papers on SBSE ever published. After the last major update in July 2011, the repository now contains 916 publications. It is maintained by Dr. Yuanyuan Zhang at CREST. There is an accompanying paper:

Mark HarmanAfshin Mansouri and Yuanyuan Zhang
Search Based Software Engineering Trends, Techniques and Applications 
ACM Computing Surveys
To appear. 

While the best effort is made to include all relevant papers, if you think one of your publications is relevant but missing from the repository, please contact Dr. Yuanyuan Zhang with details so that the repository can include your work.

Mutation Testing Repository

Mutation testing is a fault-based software testing technique that is based on injection of artificial faults into software. Mutation testing repository aims to archive all the mutation testing publication and currently contains 415 papers. It is maintained by Yue Jia. There is an accompanying paper:

Yue Jia and Mark Harman
An Analysis and Survey of the Development of Mutation Testing 
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
To appear. 

Genetic Programming Bibliography

Genetic Programming (GP) bibliography contains over 7,000 references on GP and is maintained by Dr. Bill Langdon

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