FloPSy - Search-Based Floating Point Constraint Solver for Microsoft Pex

FloPSy is a SBST extension designed for handling floating-point constraint solving in Microsoft Pex unit testing tool. It was developed by Kiran Lakhotia and is avaliable for freely as an open-source project.

MORETest: Multi-Objective Test Suite Minimisation Tool

MORETest is a multi-objective test suite minimisation tool written in Python. It was developed by Shin Yoo at University College London and Robert Nilsson at Google Switzerland. The tool internally uses Two-Archive multi-objective evolutionary algorithm developed at University of Birmingham. The tool is availably freely as a open-source project.

MiLu: Search-Based Higher-Order Mutation Testing Tool

MiLu is a mutation testing tool developed by Yue Jia at University College London. It is capable of generating not only the widely known single-order mutants but also higher-order mutants that are harder to kill using a search-based approach. 

AUSTIN: AUgmented Search-based TestINg

AUSTIN is an open-source structural test data generation tool (for unit tests) for the C language, developed by Dr. Kiran Lakohtia at University College London. It is designed as a research prototype and the aim of this project is to aid researchers in automated test data generation using search-based algorithms. It is based on the CIL framework and currently supports a random search, as well as a simple hill climber that is augmented with a set of constraint solving rules for pointer type inputs.

This page was last modified on 06 Oct 2011.